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Klar Kinelis

Klar Kinelis is not only a pseudonym but also an artistic manifesto - an electronic music producer and performer since 2015, he has faithfully committed to the principle of playing live and recording in single takes. This authenticity and improvisation on the modular synthesizer make his performances outstanding in the club music scene, as his hypnotic deep and minimal techno becomes a live concert performed in front of an audience. He is not only a musician but also a storyteller, taking listeners on an intimate and profound journey that cannot be repeated the same way a second time.

Klar Kinelis is mainly active in the independent electronic music scene in Warsaw. Resident of Live Act Bar 2015-2016; resident of Świetlica 2016-2020; Since 2024 resident of Mazo's Sunday Tea With Electricity; Since 2023, he has been running the LoveπŸ–€Act series at Theater Powszechny, continuing his mission to share his musical passion for live acts.

Official releases:
Zuo Shallplaten: Whiteline (remix), 2023
Trofica Records: Sulphur EP, 2023

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