Klar Kinelis

Hard Work

When in early June 2017 I started working on my "demo tape", I knew it is not going to be easy as playing live.

Why? When you play live, when you improvise, what you play is established by eg. air humidity, what you been doing thought past few days, the dress of that girl dancing in front, the crazy hairstyle of that guy watching my every move on the filter knob etc. Everything makes everything.

A very important aspect of playing live is the fact that people see you in front of the instrument, they can often relate the changing sound to the hand movement. This takes the listening to a different level. While, when you put on your headphones and sit down in an underground train with your eyes shut, you start to listen to the music in a very different way. There is no relation between artist and music, as there is only music, you also focus on things which might not be that obvious or visible while performing live. A listener who does not know that my music is played on live electronic instruments might think that it is an Ableton sequence or everything is made from long samples etc.

In this case, I have a problem because my demo should be with a video presentation, and since it is not possible in all cases, the recording should be made in a different way, then just recording and mastering a live session.

Or maybe I am mistaken. We shall see. From May to June I should have a bit more time to finally make some decent progress in my techno project. My personal deadline is the end of June.