Planting the Garden

Posted in live act by szachname on 09 July 2017

8th July 2017 - Powszechny Theater in Warsaw

I have been playing a deep & dub techno live act in the foyer of Powszechny Theater in Warsaw. The act was set in a "garden" which was constructed from plants in pots (it is on the other side, then the photo was taken, unfortunately). While playing, I was focusing on the experience the garden immediately imposed on me - the experience of natural beauty there, trapped the music into a different level of perception. It generally does. Natural beauty is in European philosophy and culture - the highest esteem, nature is the beauty itself. In music composition, the set of similar classical instruments has been in our history for hundreds of years now and they made it to the point in which we call them natural. Electricity has not been for that long and sounds created with it are yet not considered to be natural, even though electricity is as natural as water, flowers... all around us.

It is not possible to understand the beauty of electronic music as art without understanding natural beauty. If you think about what natural beauty is, then think for example about a bird song. Natural sounds are naive, simple. We do not often notice how bound up are the natural sounds of nature with unnatural sounds of synthesizers. Nature's beauty is hidden in its appearance, in images, it is not an object of an action. Birds do not play melodies as we know from mass media, but listening to a bird song is an essential experience of natural beauty. At the same time, it is something ambiguous. It is found by everybody as beautiful, yet something is wrong - because it is not a song, it's an organized chaos. These sounds are placed by a spell and we experience them only then as beauty. When you notice it, the satisfaction from experience of nature is gone with it. Because art is complicated and difficult, while nature is natural.

Music is not reserved for elitist listeners, to people who understand a secret language, but it is open to everybody, who understands the primordial world of animals, of nature. The truth about music is often found in exaggeration.