Posted in live act by szachname on 20 February 2018

When Improvizards kicked off in 2016, as a synth-turntable duo, the act was quite focused on the melody - we were leaning more towards house and funk or the infamous tech-house. I was "tuning" to the track which was played on a turntable. Since November I only focus on making techno music and the Improwizard acts are changing with me. I started focusing on the rhythm - the soul hidden in the charismatic arpeggiated pluck synths, sophisticated drum patterns, bass pumps etc. A so-called one-shot minimalism.

This approach turns the tides of the live act. The lass melody you put the more "technois" it becomes. But this is probably inevitable when you play improvisation and you have a bad day eg. you broke up with your girlfriend, got sacked from your job or any other miserable bullshit, then the crowd might have to "listen all about it" during your live act.

I do not know where am I and who am I. But I know what I am doing at least... and one thing is sure for me now - dark and deep are becoming my colors :)