A Pocket Synthesizer

Posted in techno by szachname on 18 August 2017

My musical muscles are growing almost every day. I try to practice very often, on average, it is 2h daily. If you work on regular basis and also you are not a lifeless nerd, then 2 hours is really a lot. Of course, if you are sincere. Practice does not mean just exercising some difficult part of the song, but rather taking your time developing a sound, taking chances in odd beats, making terrible mistakes, taking the pain of controlling numerous filters and sequencers- because failing is a nutrition for progress. There is one good quote for synthesizer many of the genres of electronic music creation process - "there are no mistakes, just happy little incidents". In this case, the incident does not have a pejorative sense. It is a step out which can lead you to a great trip. You decide.

I pretty much regret spending €55 on Korg Monotron Delay, as it has terrible audio sockets and it generates a ridiculous amount of noise when you hear it on the proper studio equipment. As I could not take any proper synthesizer with me on holidays, I took the smallish Monostron. Only a few days ago, I decided to try it out as a delay effect with my software & freeware android synths. The results are great - on one application I set an arpeggiator running, then I switch to another application to play chords & leads, then everything goes to the delay and it sounds really great. I imagine you could play a 30 minute ambient set with this two tools.

I played for around 5 hrs in the train, in a six person compartment, with all this stuff on my knees, as the picture shows it. I was wondering if someone might mistake all the cables and devices on my knees for some kind of bomb attack preparations... and no one asked me anything about it. Only one grunge kid shouted from the corridor while passing our compartment: "Hey man, that's a nice toy you have there". Toys'r'us.