Electronic Dance Music

Posted in techno by szachname on 23 May 2017

I recently overheard a conversation at the bar in the club:

-- ...but isn't techno subgenre of EDM?
-- So you consider Juan Atkins' or Richie Hawtin's music to be a subgenre of music played by David Guetta or Avicii?

There is so much confusion on what EDM is and what it is not. Some f@&tard in US invented this tag to give a name to all "electronic dance music". Someone forgot that it is not one thing, not one sort. (It reminds me of British post-colonial ideas of dividing Africa with a ruler, not with brain). The whole electronic club scene in the world shares only two things - it is intended for dancing to and has a 4/4 tempo division. If we talk about genres, it is now a very different thing.

Modern club/dance revolution started in 80's with a "fast forwarded disco" played in housewares, soon abbreviated to - house music. Then, it went underground, when in Detroit the techno revolution started. Techno was a futuristic statement, an ideologised houseware music with added values. It was not meant to become a dance music.

At some point, big pop stars like Madonna, started implementing house music structures. This way the light motive hous'y music became super popular and the commercial appeal led it to go in the direction of mixture of house, techno and pop - strictly intended to make poeple dance, promoted with colorful drinks and bikinis on the beach. Meanwhile, deep in the underground, the non-commercial underground music started to become a loud minority. It got huge. People started gathering not in small clubs, but at large raves, soon after to plunge in the dark, stiff aired clubs. It had not much to do with colorful dance events of commercial dance music. And then someone said - ok, it's all EDM - music, to dance to. Disco, techno, doesn't matter.