A girl and a synthesizer

Posted in theories by szachname on 01 February 2018

Ever since I started playing with more than two synthesizers I started lacking the second pair of hands. Modern synthesizers are all interconnected with MIDI, self-triggered and easily programmable even in live situations, to run complicated sequences and arpeggios, so playing few instruments at once is not a problem. The real problem is that letting all the machines go in an auto mode as they are, only modulating eg. the filter or resonance of a specific part, from time to time.... shortly speaking having only two hands is a big limitation when you have to control a dozen of knobs and another dozen of buttons. If you do not keep your hands over one instrument, it is very hard to get the full potential out of it, hence the music might be not as full as you know it could be. Contrary to belief, even playing dark techno, which bases on short, automated industrial sounds and glitches, needs a lot of modulation and additions eg. of sudden filter movements or reverbs.

I have been often joining some live, electronic jams in Warsaw or watched local forums to look for partners to collaborate - yes, the mocked wanna collab, bro? - yet I never found a right person even to try to ask for it. To my surprise, a lot of participants of jams or forums were people not really knowing what they are doing, or people more interested in sound synthesis as a process, as a technique of creating sounds and sound sculptures, rather than creating a band to play live. If anybody was interested, they were either having a new baby or they were right in their life-changing business career turning point, whatever. Guys who had time and talent did not know jack about music, some even not able to name keys on the keyboard. What is an octave? A car model?

Dreams come true sometimes when you really want it, I suppose. I have met a lovely girl who is also a very good cook, so I showed her yesterday how to cook techno. I should mention that she is a professional musician, a cellist, and as everyone who has been educated in music, she has gone through hundreds of hours of piano and composition lessons. I could not believe how accurate and great companion she is, how easily she could add new sounds, somehow knowing exactly how to bite it.

I guess I found a co-pilot for my techno shuttle.